River fishing in the Fribourg department in Switzerland

Découvrez nos magnifiques rivières et paysages.

Vous passerez d’inoubliables moments sur des cours d'eau peuplés de splendides truites, ombres, chevesnes et barbeaux de souche sauvage.

Les zones pêchées disposent d'un excellent potentiel en gros sujets éduqués. La pêche y étant difficile, je me ferais un plaisir de vous aider en partageant mes connaissances acquises après 40 ans de pratique sur ces parcours.

Discover our beautiful rivers and landscapes.

You will spend unforgettable moments on the rivers populated with splendid trout, grayling, chub and barbel of wild strain.

The areas fished have great potential in large educated subjects. Fishing is difficult, I would be happy to help you by sharing my knowledge gained after 40 years of practice on these spots.




Destination: Europe
Country: Switzerland
I'm speaking:: French, a little bit of English
Name of the water: Sarine, Glâne, Broye
Package Typ:
Full Service
Just Guiding
Type of the water:
The following fish species are expected to be caught: trout, grayling, chub, barbel
The following fishing technique is possible:
Big Gamefishing
What you can expect from me as well: Guidage en lac et rivière, cours (mouche, montage de mouche, pêche aux leurres, pêche au toc, petite amorce), location et vente de matériel / Guide in lake and river courses (fly, fly tying, fishing lures, fishing with natural bait), rental and sale of equipment
Waters :
Private waters
Public waters
Your fishing experience is the one of : an average fisherman
The trip is expected to be : average
Maximale Anzahl Gäste: 2
The trip is challenging you physically : a bit of wading and walking
The following services are included in the price: Guidage / Guiding
The following services are charged additionally: permis de pêche, location de matériel / fishing license, equipment rental
My equipment at your disposal :
fishing equipment & baits
wading clothes
lunch packet & drinks
Highlight of a fishing day: Découverte de paysages incroyables. Prise d'un gros poisson / Discover incredible landscapes. Catching a big fish
The required fishing license :
will be provided by me
must be provided by you
Accommodation: Sur demande / On request
Listing created May 1, 2018