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How it works

How CatchYourGuide works

Signing on

Register now free of charge and get full access to all functions and offers.

Create your offers

Tell your customers and friends about your offer. Are you offering guidings, organizing a fish-ing trip or owning a lodge? Publish your offer (text, photos and videos) on our platform. Find out more about going online with your offer.

Offers in the calendar

In your calendar you may share  or block the dates for your offering. Make it easy for you and your customers to find the next free date for a trip.

Online Payment

All payments are dealt with through our payment interface directly. Customers pay with their credit card via our processing systems PayPal or Stripe. Find out more about the payment options

Manage your bookings

In your admin area, you can easily manage your offers. You can see the payment history at all times and communicate with your customers directly."

We promote and market you and your offer

CatchYourGuide is actively communicating on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Your offer will get even more attention and you'll quickly get interesting bookings."

No registration fees or running costs without a booking.

At CatchYourGuide, signing up and creating as many ads as you like is free of charge. There are no registration fees or running costs for our members. Sign up today and get your first customer tomorrow.

You find many more tips and tricks in our blog, best practice and help menus.